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Phone: (410) 231-2041  

Daniel J. Meckel Ph.D., LCSW-C

Fees, Policies, and Insurance


Individual psychotherapy: $275
Couples therapy: $275


Insurance reimbursements for my services are available out of network. I do not participate directly with any insurance companies, managed care, or Medicare.  Even so, most insurance plans will still reimburse you out-of-network for a significant portion of your therapy fees.  I will provide a monthly statement that includes all the information needed for reimbursement.  


Frequency of sessions:
Psychotherapy sessions are scheduled on an ongoing basis, at one to three times weekly. Under some circumstances I do therapy on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Sessions last forty-five minutes unless we arrange otherwise.  Each year, I am away from the office for short periods of time in the Winter and Spring, and three or four weeks in the Summer.

Form of Payment:
Payment is due at the time of service by cash, check, or credit card. Payment can also be made through PayPal or G-Pay.  A statement is issued at the first of each month for the previous month’s payments for insurance or tax purposes. There is no direct billing with any insurance plan.

All regularly scheduled sessions are the patient's financial responsibility. I need 48 hours of notice during business hours in order not to charge for a session. If you know that you must miss a session, I will make reasonable efforts to reschedule sessions when cancelled in a timely manner. While I know that at times 48 hours advance notice is not possible, without this amount of notice you will be charged for the missed session.

Ending Therapy:
Either of us may end the therapy relationship. I will support you in all phases of our work in therapy, including when you decide to leave therapy. I can best support the process of your leaving if you give several weeks notice prior to actually stopping. The notice allows you to leave well, with a sense of completion.

As a licensed therapist, I protect the confidentiality of our communications. I will only release information about our work to others with your written permission, or if I am required to do so by a court order. I am legally obligated to breach confidentiality in order to protect others from harm.  For example, if I have information that indicates that a child or elderly or disabled person is being abused, I must report that to the appropriate state agency.  Also, if a client is an imminent risk to him/herself or makes threats of imminent violence against another person, I am required to take protective actions. These situations rarely occur, but if such a situation does occur, I make every effort to discuss it with the patient before taking any action.

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